Nalini Shekar

Ms. Nalini Shekhar

Nalini is a co–founder of Hasiru Dala, the wastepickers’ non-profit organization in Bangalore. Previously she was a co-founder of Kagad, Kach Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP), the union of wastepickers in Pune and Co-ordinator of the national Alliance of Indian Wastepickers. Nalini is a pioneer in advocating for wastepicker rights. She has trained hundreds of waste pickers, municipal officials and elected representatives on zero waste practices and integration of informal workers in solid waste management. Nalini has won many awards including an Honor by the San Jose City Government, a certificate of Honor from Governor of California, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Star award from Asian Community in the San Francisco Bay Area, a finalist at the Numma Bengalurur award and Bangalore city’s Kempe Gowda award 2014.

Anuradha Koirala



Anuradha is a Nepalese social activist and the founder and director of Maiti Nepal – a non-profit organization in Nepal, dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking.
Currently, Maiti Nepal operates a rehabilitation home in Kathmandu, as well as transit homes at the Indo-Nepal border towns, preventative homes in the countryside, and an academy in Kathmandu. As the name suggests, Maiti Nepal (“maiti” means “mother’s home” in Nepali) has been a refuge for women rescued from the brothels in India. The women can stay in the homes run by Maiti Nepal until they are able to return to their homes, or if not accepted by their parents and society, they may stay until they become able to live on their own. Between 1993 and 2011, she and her organization have helped rescue and rehabilitate more than 12,000 women and girls.
Koirala received the Courage of Conscience Award from The Peace Abbey in Sherborn, Massachusetts on August 25, 2006. She won the CNN Hero of the Year award in 2010.


Surinderjeet Kaur, Assistant commissioner, Delhi Police


This girl from Punjab arrived in Delhi as a child and grew up in conservative surroundings that did not allow her to go to college. Afraid that she might be married off at 16, she quietly went and joined the Delhi Police. She started out as sub-inspector.

She was posted at Kamla Nagar Market police station, known for handling the most notorious areas in Delhi. Surinderjeet managed to rescue 15 girls on her first assignment. It was her first brush with human trafficking and the miserable condition of girls who were being exploited physically, mentally and financially. She has been a mother to the girls she rescued and helped marry off five of them. Over the years, she has rescued more than 110 girls from the brothels of GB Road and 90 minors working as child labourers. Since she became an ACP, Surinderjeet has made it her mission to visit training centres and sensitise and guide other officers in human trafficking.

Sonali Khan


Sonali Khan skillfully leads the India and regional operations of Breakthrough. She has been integral to the organization since she joined it 10 years ago and she has led Breakthrough’s key campaigns including ‘What kind of man are you?’ in 2005 and the ‘Is this justice?’ campaign in 2007 , Sefies4School, to keep girls in school and out of early marriage and Mission Hazaar, against the skewed sex ratio.

She played a pivotal role in conceptualizing Breakthrough’s Bell Bajao! Campaign against domestic violence.  This campaign has won prestigious awards and has been adapted in China, Pakistan and Vietnam. She has positioned Breakthrough — and Bell Bajao — as household names for human rights in India and worldwide.

Pyare Lal

pyare lal

He is a Professor in department of Commerce in Government Senior Secondary School, Kirtan Village, District Hisar. He has transformed the lives of hundreds of people in his village, by giving them education. In the last few years 700 men and women have cleared class-V exam, one of them being as old as 85 years! In Kirtan village only, 350 men and women have cleared class-V exam. 40 women have been given “Free Computer Training” and women are also trained in stitching, cooking, pickle- making etc. to make them financially self-reliant.